Design, Wood and Craftsmanship

We are located in Evian-les-Bains, a beautiful French city only an hour away from Geneva and 30 minutes from the city of Lausanne which is within sight on the other side of Lake Geneva. Nestled between lake, forests and mountains, our small city is surrounded by majestic nature and has preserved a rich cultural heritage from its flamboyant thermal past. From our immediate surroundings came our love for nature,  wood and design!

The mission of Woodfancy is to carefully source and select wooden products and accessories made to both elevate style and to help protect the planet. Indeed, we believe that acting for a more eco-friendly environment and satisfying individual needs for style and beauty can work very well together. In particular, when it comes to reducing our use of plastics, we strongly advocate the alternative of handcrafted wooden products. We can do so much better for ourselves and the environment with just that simple decision!

Woodfancy is our way to share with you our passion for design, wood and craftsmanship, wherever you are in the world. We focus on design, because it makes life more elegant and meaningful. We choose wood, because it is a noble, durable, and planet-friendly material. We value craftsmanship, as it transforms raw materials into unique objects of lasting beauty.


If you have an idea, proposal or any suggestion for us to improve our offer or service, we will be glad to hear from you!   

Eric, founder of Woodfancy