Whether you like to bake or not, you'll sure love serving treats in this rustic wooden tray. Complete with a convex glass cover to prevent pre-revelation tastings, your next creation has the stage set up for it.


. Available in three sizes and both light and dark wood.

. Plate and cover can be ordered separately.

. Please choose carefully your order by selecting the "color" option above: 


Option A: Tray only / dark wood / Diameter: 25.5cm

Option B: Tray only / dark wood / Diameter: 20.3cm

Option C: Tray only / dark wood / Diameter: 15.4cm


Option D: Tray and glass cover / dark wood / Diameter: 25.5cm

Option E: Tray and glass cover / dark wood / Diameter: 20.3cm

Option F: Tray and glass cover / dark wood / Diameter: 15.4cm20.3cm


Option G: Tray only / light wood / Diameter: 25.5cm

Option H: Tray only / light wood / Diameter: 20.3cm

Option I: Tray only / light wood / Diameter: 15.4cm


Color J: Tray and glass cover / light wood / Diameter: 25.5cm

Color K: Tray and glass cover / light wood / Diameter: 20.3cm

Color L: Tray and glass cover / light wood / Diameter: 15.4cm


Option M: Glass cover only / for 25.5cm tray

Option N: Glass cover only / for 20.3cm tray

Option O: Glass cover only / for 15.4cm tray



Type: Cake Tools

Certification: CIQ

Material: wood

Rustic Wooden Cake Dish

PriceFrom €29.00
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